Can GODIAG GT100 Breakout Box Be Used as Autel G-box2?


Can GODIAG GT100 be used as Autel G-box2?



No, and G-box2 can’t be connected to test platfroms like Godiag GT100.


So here is their difference:

Item GODIAG GT100 Autel G-box2
Image can-godiag-gt100-breakout-box-be-used-as-autel-g-box2-2 can-godiag-gt100-breakout-box-be-used-as-autel-g-box2-3
Definition Breakout Box Autel Adapter for Benz & BMW
Compatible Device Multiple Brands Autel IM508/608 Tablet
Function 1. OBDII protocol communication detection
2. ECU Maintenance / diagnosis / programming / coding.
1. Supports fast mode on vehicle and bench when all keys of Mercedes-Benz
2. Reads and writes Bosch engine ECU on F classis of BMW and MQB of Volkswagen
3. With the Autel’s Advanced Diagnostic Tablets supporting IMMO and Key Programming functions.
Indicator can-godiag-gt100-breakout-box-be-used-as-autel-g-box2-4 can-godiag-gt100-breakout-box-be-used-as-autel-g-box2-5
Indicator Meaning 1. Manufacturer custom
2. SJE1850 wire
3. Manufacturer custom
4. Power grounding
5. Signal grounding
6. SAEJ2284
7. ISO9141-2&iso, DIS4230-4K wire
8. Manufacturer custom
9. Manufacturer custom
10. SJE1850 wire
11. Manufacturer custom
12. Manufacturer custom
13. Manufacturer custom
14. SAEJ2284
15. ISO9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4L wire
16. Car battery positive
1. DC Port provides + 12 DV power supply
2. Can-H port-universal CAN bus interface, connects with OBII PIN6
3. K1 port-universal k-line interface, connects with OBDII PIN1
4. Status Indicator indicates the current operating status
5. Relay ports connect with dedicated relay cables
6. +12v power port-universal power input/output port
7. OBDII Connector connects to the vehicle’s OBDll directly or via a dedicated extension cable
8. 0BDII Female connector connects to the main cable of Autel Diagnostic Tablet
9. CAN-L port-universal CAN bus interface, connects with OBDII PIN14
10. K7 port-universal k-line interface connects with OBDII PIN7
11. GND port-universal power input/output port
12. DB15port-used with dedicated BD15 cable for reading and writing multiple types of ECUs


Customers Reviews about GT100:


1. Used in conjunction with your scan tool to do bench programming, simple to get pins to power up item one is programming out of car


2. I built a bunch of bench flash harnesses for mine. I can run my hp tuners, or and other obd port programming device through it. it gives me switch power for acc and ignition, I can see the hi/low can bus leds to know if it’s talking to the pcm, monitior voltage. to the OP I am sure you can configure it to do what the g box does, one day ill dig into the wiring and figure it out.



3. Use it in conjunction with a gbox2 on the bench as a switched power source as well as the basic breakout box functions with voltage showing & possibly amps being drawn depending on which one you’ve got



Godiag GT100 Breakout Box, mainly for ECU connection and programming, can support multiple devices.


Autel G-box2 Adapter, mainly for Mercedes password calculation fast mode and Bosch engine ECU, needs to work with Autel IM508/608 Diagnostic Tool.



Hope this could help!

Thanks to Mostafa, Tony, Victor, Steve, KAmed…