VW Skoda MQB keys + lock (a full set) available now

VW MQB keys + lock full set and Skoda MQB keys + lock full set are available at www.xhorsevvdi.com

2019.7.22 update:

Thanks for your support. But the keys not available any more. Appreciated for your understanding.

Here  VW MQB keys + lock full set

xhorse-vw-lock xhorse-vw-mqb-keys xhorse-vw-mqb-keys-02 xhorse-vw-mqb-keys-lock-full-set

Here Skoda MQB keys + lock full set

xhors-skoda-mqb-keys-lock-full-set xhors-skoda-mqb-keys-lock-full-set-02 xhors-skoda-mqb-keys-lock-full-set-03 xhors-skoda-mqb-keys-lock-full-set-04 xhors-skoda-mqb-keys-lock-full-set-05

VW MQB keys is supposed to work with VVDI2 and used for MQB key learning.

To have VVDI2 MQB key learning authorization you can have 96bit copy48 authorization service first.


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