Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Feedback Yes & No

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max review, test reports and even with step by step procedure with Mini OBD tool.


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max has excellent functions generating remotes but at the time of renewing memory of some remotes to reuse them it does not flash them .. although to clone genar chip, and the rest is perfect.


  1. Key Tool Max works great bought this just to clone VW and Audi keys and it does the job better than expected. Would recommend this product 100%.


  1. Able to unlock used smart key for Toyota like the 2010 Prius this is the tool to get you need to keep trying until the light at the smart key flashed I was able to read frequency for Honda keys and from the remote on a 2007 Cadillac Escalade good quality will recommend.



4.Love this VVDI Key Tool Max. Super handy and has lots of features. Worth the money for sure i recommend obd2 mini with this


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max has allowed me to start a side business providing keys and programming them for people looking to save some money. It’s worked pretty well for the most part, but it’s definitely no replacement for a professional key programmer like the Autels and Xtools. The cloning feature is pretty sweet so you can copy transponders from immobilizer keys. Definitely had some failures on some cars where this tool just doesn’t communicate with the vehicle.


  1. GM Support looks great and full – but missing holes and doesn’t look to go back very far.
    Chrysler – Asia models only but also mixed results under Dodge, Jeep, etc
    Ford – Asia models only but mixed results under Lincoln, Mercury, etc
    It just seems inconsistent and still in development.

but I’ll keep it and hope for updates to make it better.


  1. Key Tool Max + Mini OBD Tool generate 2020 HONDA CR-V universal remote + program key all keys lost in 20 minutes, no pin code required.

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-02 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-03


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max + Mini OBD generate Honda Civic EL Nav 2.0 FB 2014 and program smart remote perfectly.

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-04 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-05 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-06 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-07


  1. Confirmed: program Toyota Vios Chip G (72) all keys lost using VVDI Key Tool Max + Mini OBD Tool by OBD

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-08 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-09 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-10


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max + Mini OBD program Chevrolet Captiva 2011 chip and remote via OBD.

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-11 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-12


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max + Mini OBD program VW Jetta 2010 key.


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max+ Mini OBD program one Chevrolet Cruze LS 2012 with all keys lost.

Firstly generate VVDI remote XN, secondly program new remote, then Read Pincode, then program flip key, then match one more key, finally test whether the two keys can start the car.

Step-by-step guide:


xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-13 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-14 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-15


  1. VVDI Key Tool Max Unlock & Program Toyota Smart Key

Step-by-step guide:


xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-16 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-17 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-max-review-18

Other  reporting usability test results :


To be updating…


Alright, if you are considering to invest one VVDI Key Tool Max or VVDI Key Tool Max + Mini OBD Tool for key cloning, remote generate, copy

transponder.etc. Don’t hesitate, it is worth the money. It will keep update not only what it can do so far.


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