Xhorse TOY8A AKL Smart Key Adapter vs Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter

Now we have two new solutions for Toyota: TOY8A AKL Smart Key Adapter from Xhorse & Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter from Lonsdor. What is their difference? Here we will show you.


Xhorse XDBASK Adapter vs Lonsdor ADP Adapter:

Item TOY8A AKL Adapter Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter
Brand Xhorse Lonsdor
Price 199USD 399USD
Image xhorse-toy8a-akl-smart-key-adapter-vs-lonsdor-super-adp-8a4a-adapter-1 xhorse-toy8a-akl-smart-key-adapter-vs-lonsdor-super-adp-8a4a-adapter-2
Compatible Device VVDI Key Tool Plus Lonsdor K518S/ISE/USA/PRO
Transponder Type 8A (A8/A9/AA) 4A 8A (88/A8/A9/AA) 4A
PIN CODE No Need No Need
Add Key/All Key Lost
Emulator (All Key Lost) No Need Need Lonsdor LKE Emulator
Compatible Key Xhorse Toyota Key(Recommended) OEM/Lonsdor Toyota Key
Other Charge × ×
Support Model Toyota 4A:
LEVIN 2019-
ALLION 2021-Toyota 8A with Page4: A8/A9/AA
AVALON 2019-  0410
IZOA 2018-  0410
CROWN 2018-  2110
VELLFIRE 2017-  0120
RAV4 2019.7-  0410
HIGHLANDER 2017-  2110
WILDLANDER 2019-  0410
PRADO 2018-  3330
ALPHARD 2017-  0120
LAND CRUISER 2017-  0020/F43口
CAMRY 2018-  0410
PRIUS 2018-  0410
C-HR 2018-  0410

Lexus 8A with Page4: A8/A9/AA
ES 2018-  0440
NX 2017-  2110/F43口
GS 2018-  0440
UX 2018-  0440
IS 2017-  2020
LS 2017-  0440
LX 2017-  0010/F43口

Toyota 4A:
LIVIN 2021
Allion 2021
Corolla 2019-
Corolla HV 2019-2021
Levin 2019-
Levin HV 2019-2021Toyota 8A:
Camry 2013-2021
Highlander 2013-2021
Land Cruiser 2014-2021
Prado 2014-2021
Crown 2015-2021
Alphard 2015-2021
Vellfire 2015-2021
Previa 2015-2021
C-HR 2018-2021
Izon 2018-2021
Wildlander 2018-2021
Avalon HV 2019-2021
Rav4 2014-2021
Prius 2015-2021
Avalon 2019-2021
Corolla EX 2013-2019
Harrier 2021

Lexus 8A:
UX 2018-2021
RX 2013-2021
NX 2017-2021
LS 2013-2021
IS 2013-2021
GS 2013-2021
ES 2013-2021


From above we can see,




1. Both are password-free, and support add/akl


2. Generally they support Toyota models up to 2021, so for 2022 latest models, support or not is not sure, just try with these adapters




1. If smart emulator is required for all key lost and if they work with OEM keys,

  • Xhorse XM38 Toyota Key serves as emulator and new key when all key lost, so it doesn’t need smart key emulator, also that’s why xhorse key is recommended;
  • For Lonsdor ADP Adapter, it requires LKE Emulator to light dash when all key lost, so it can work with more keys


2. For support model, their sorting ways are different,

  • Xhorse sort by the part number of original key;
  • Lonsdor sort by the model and the year


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