Xhorse FT-OBD Tool Frequently Asked Questions

New Xhorse FT-OBD Tool is launched now! It is a handy key programmer for Toyota smart system.

Here we are going to share you the frequently asked questions about this new tool.


I.Support List:

1.95% Toyota model up to year 2023, even year 2000 Toyota is supported

Model list in Xhorse app

Check “Smart key system before 2016” and “Smart key system after 2016”





2. Does it support 8A Non-Smart keys?

Yes, mechanical key is OK. It needs to choose immo system or remote system.



3. Cannot it do 8A chip AKL Yaris 2007

8A Blade key all lost is not supported



Does it bypass Rolling Codes on 2022 2023 models?

Yes, but not all models are password-free, buy password if it is needed


III.All Key Lost

1. Does it need simulator for Toyota all key lost?

No need emulator, but you need VVDI MINI or Max to generate Xhorse XM38 remote.


2.How to Start cars when all keys lost using FT-OBD Tool?

1)Turn on emergency light

2)Press Start button 5 times

3)Back up EEPROM

Full steps, check in Xhorse app, after you choose the type, it will display the detailed steps.



3.How to use “Generate Emergency Key” function?

Connect FT-OBD to VVDI MINI first.

Generate XM38 Remote>>Read EEPROM data>>Generate Emergency Key (XM38 Remote)>>Add Key



IV.Compared to Other Device

1.Xhorse Mini OBD or Key Tool Max can’t do the same job as this?

MINI OBD no, Key Tool Max Pro/ Key Tool Plus includes all features of FT-OBD Tool


2.Will this work with key tool max pro?

It can use on xhorse app, and it is also OK to use on key tool max pro machine. And key tool max pro/key tool plus covers FT-OBD function. If you have key tool max pro/key tool plus, no need to buy again.


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