Xhorse Condor XC-002 PRO New Features

Xhorse has released its new manual key cutting machine — Xhorse Condor XC-002 PRO.


In this article, we will show you its new features on probe and cutter, clamp, motor, and more.


1.Probes & Cutters Upgraded Solution

-Probes & Cutters Switching Quickly

CONDOR XC-002 PRO comes with a brand-new design that will revolutionize the industry. The lock switch can achieve probes and cutters switching quickly and central clamping of the probe and cutter easily with no need for an Allen wrench, bringing a seamless and efficient working experience.


What you need to do are just the following:

  • Simply loosen the lock switch to make sure it’s unlocked
  • Insert and hold the probe/cutter all the way up
  • Pull to lock the switch


-Central Clamping of the Probe & Cutter

The innovative approach not only simplifies the installation but also ensures the automatic centering and clamping of the probe and the cutter, avoiding center deviation caused by the traditional method and greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of cutting




2.Innovative Multi-function Clamp

– 0~45° Rotatable Clamp

The multi-function clamp allows for cutting dimple keys of different angles (0~45°). You can adjust the angle of the clamp to finish cutting based on the original key. Currently, CONDOR XC-002 PRO supports duplicating


– Internal Cut/External Cut/Dimple Key

CONDOR XC-002 PRO features 3 grooves for key clamping. This design facilitates the machine to duplicate multiple keys, such as standard single sided, double sided, 4 track external, 2 track external, 4 track internal, channel track, and dimple keys with angles


Each of the grooves has its recommended clamp mounting location.

  • The left groove corresponds to point C
  • The middle groove corresponds to point B
  • The right groove corresponds to point A

Of course, you can also adjust the position of the clamp according to your operating habits.


3.High-speed Motor

After powering up the machine, when you press down the main handle, you can see the cutter actually is not spinning. It’s a design What you need to do is turn on the cutter power switch on the left side and you can rotate the handle clockwise to achieve height locking of the probes and cutters.

CONDOR XC-002 PRO now offers seven speeds, which allows you to adjust the spindle speed in accordance with your needs to elevate efficiency and prolong its service life.


4.Multiple Modes

Standard mode and dimple mode are introduced to streamline cutting for both dimple keys and ordinary keys.

Standard Mode: In this mode, the probe cannot move up and down and remains stationary, ideal for cutting various key types such as double sided, single sided, 4 track external, 2 track external, 4 track internal, and channel track keys.

Dimple Mode: The probe is capable of vertical movement to detect the depth of the holes in the key. The mode is mainly used to duplicate dimple keys.



5.Micro-adjust Guide

CONDOR XC-002 PRO features a high-precision micro-adjust knob and an indicator light, allowing you to easily finish the adjustment and further ensure duplication accuracy.


6.Cutting Platform with Limitation Knobs

  • When two limitation knobs are fully released, the cutting platform can be moved freely.
  • If we only tighten the right knob, the cutting platform can only move along Y-axis. However, when moving along the X-axis, the platform will always go back to its original position after you release the handle.
  • If both knobs are tightened, the cutting platform can only move along Y-axis and the X-axis movement is completly locked.

This can help us when cutting some keys that require linear cutting.


7.More Advantages

-Reliable Mechanical Structure

  • CONDOR XC-002 PRO is manufactured with reliable mechanical components, ensuring ultra-high precision duplication.

-Ergonomic Design

  • Based on deep research on users’ operation habits, CONDOR XC-002PRO has been greatly optimized regarding its materials, handle radian, grip, touch, control, and cutting operation.
  • With a built-in indicator light, you can level the probe and the cutter at ease. An intelligent LCD screen displays the spindle speed for your convenience.

-Masterful Craftsmanship

  • At the bottom of the machine,s the storage box thoughtfully designed helps users store probes, cutters, and key blades.
  • The machine body forged by the all-aluminum die-casting process (thermal treatment) ensures greater stability.
  • All the main components processed by the German-made DMG CNC machine guarantee high-precision duplicating results.


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