Why need VVDI MB TOOL Power Adapter for W204 W207 W164 W216?

Why you need a “special” power adpter when VVDI MB TOOL program key for Mercedes W204 W207 W164 W216 all key lost?

What’s this VVDI MB BGA Tool Power Adapter used for?

Know the answer as below:


VVDI MB TOOL Power Adapter functions

  1. Save your lots of time when read EIS data. Time is money.

When use VVDI MB BAG Tool to program Mercedes key, you need a step called “Data Acquisition”.

For example, W204 W207 all key lost.

In traditional way, Data Acquisition often costs you about 150 minutes.

But in this new way using VVDI MB TOOL Power Adapter, you only need 18 minutes! And this is the difference!


  1. Make it easier to program Mercedes keys. No need plug and unplug IR Adapter

For Mercedes W164 W216 all key lost (2009-), you no longer need to plug and unplug the IR Adapter for 500 times!

All you need just to use the VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter to connect VVDI MB Tool with car.


  1. Support Mercedes gateway adapter function.

When there is no gateway module, you can directly use VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter as a gateway adapter to connect W164 (2009-) via OBD. That is to say, with VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter you also no need to buy another W164 gateway adapter!

VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter connect diagram


How much is this VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter?

$130 with free shipping here:


Sales xhorsevvdi.com