What is new feature of Xhorse Condor XA-006 Panda Key Cutting?

Condor XA-006 Panda Key Cutting Machine is new key cutting will release soon, its biggest feature is lighter: the weight of the whole machine is about 10 kilograms, it is easy to carry and carry with one hand, the 12V power input supports the car power supply, and the Bluetooth connection supports the connection of mobile phones, tablets and VVDI PAD.


In order to compress the volume, Panda removed the built-in battery in the Dolphin CNC machine, which can perform key duplication and process the key cutting according to the key bitting-suitable for the operation of changing the bitting of the car key, and also supports the operation of processing the key when the key is lost.


Compared with previous Condor MINI or Dolphin key cutting machine, Xhorse Panda features are:

The fixture for cutting the key has changed from the previous vertical milling and flat milling to a two-in-one fixture, which is more convenient if it is not used to switch back. There are also restrictions on the database query. You can query all codes once a day. If you have more work, you can use bonus points to redeem the number of queries.

Due to size limitations, the Panda CNC machine does not reserve space for the built-in battery and does not support future installations, but it supports direct input of 12V power, which means that the Panda key cutting machine must be connected to an external power and can also be powered directly from the vehicle.



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