VVDI Universal Smartkey meet you in 2018 Chinese locksmith annual meeting

VVDI Universal Smartkey – The first in the world

Release in May 18,2018 (2018 Chinese locksmith annual meeting)

Please be expected


In 2018 Sixteen National Locksmith 5.18 event will be held in Xiamen Xianglu Kokusai Hotel. The exhibition covers all kinds of civil locks,


VVDI Universal Smartkey car list details:



smart locks, safes (accessories), automotive electronic equipment / supplies, and a variety of locksmith tools, supplies, bursting with 5.18 years previous, please look forward to once a year the locksmith greedy feast!

Xhorse Company will participate in the 5.18 locksmith event. It must be exciting to for Xhorse to meet you in the Pretty Xiamen.

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