VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter Read W204 W207 Fast Mode Review

VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter REAL review with operating pictures is coming! Tested it’s true it can shorten W204 W207 W216 W164 all key lost data acquisition from 2.5 hours to 18 minutes!

Tested new Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool POWER Adapter for faster reading data acquisition in case ALL KEY LOST…

Working like charm…

by W164/251/221/216 from 2009 and up no more need so much times insert-remove-insert-remove IR adapter to and from EIS

time by W204/207 shorted from 2,5 hours to 18-24 mins

vvdi-mb-tool-power-adapter-review-read-w207-w207-data-acquisition-18-mins-3-1024x471 vvdi-mb-tool-power-adapter-review-read-w207-w207-data-acquisition-18-mins-1-648x1024 vvdi-mb-tool-power-adapter-review-read-w207-w207-data-acquisition-18-mins-2

Who did this test and review?

An experienced Mercedes professional daxxer newly posted his review on MHH forum.

Big thanks to daxxer! He let us know this new adapter better!

VVDI MB tool Power Adapter


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