All Info on VVDI Key Tool Plus Tokens and Bonus Points

VVDI Key Tool Plus Tokens are as the same as that of VVDI MB tool, and Bonus Points are as the same as other Xhorse tools. The Xhorse token is used to collect data from most Mercedes Benz car models and calculate the password on MB car models.

Part 1. What Xhorse tokens are mainly used for

  1. Used for calculating password for Mercedes Benz car

add a new key: 1 token

all keys lost : 2 tokens

Purpose How many tokens to use How many bonus points to use (after calculation, the bonus points will be deducted automatically, when you don’t have tokens)
Password calculation (if you have an original remote) 1 token 200 bonus points
Password calculation (all key lost) 2 tokens 400 bonus points
ESL NEC chip is damaged and to replace ESL simulator (except motor damage) 1 token 200 bonus points


  1. Complete the transponder clone 48(96bits) process.

Since the date you buy a new Key Tool Plus, you will obtain one free token every day for a whole year. Okay, after one year, your free tokens run out.  Now, you complete the Transponder Clone 48(96 bits) in 2 methods:

1). 100 bonus points to exchange one-time Transponder Clone 48(96 bits).

2). When you have no bonus in your account, please buy tokens from your local dealer.


  1. Spend a small amount of money and Xhorse bonus points to Exchange Functions.

You can activate some useful functions by spending a small amount of money and some bonus points.


  1. Give your Bonus Points to someone as a gift

As you will, you can give all your bonus points in your account to your friends or customers as gifts.


  1. Exchange Xhorse products in Bonus Points Mall 

Open your Xhorse App, click on “Shop”, select the products, click on” Exchange”.

Before you would like to exchange the products, please contact your local dealer to make sure they will exchange the product for you.


Read this article: How to use Xhorse Bonus points to exchange super chips adapters?

Part 2. 5 methods to obtain tokens and bonus points for Xhorse Key Tool Plus

  1. Bind VVDI Key Tool Plus to one Xhorse key cutting machine including Dolphin XP005, Dolphin XP007, Condor Mini Plus, Condor XC-007, Condor XC-002 (Panda is impossible). And you will have a free token immediately and after that 2 free tokens every day.
The key cutting machine bound with Key Tool Plus Get free token/day (tokens cannot be added to the second day)
CONDOR MINI 1 free token each day
CONDOR MINI PLUS 1 free token each day
DOLPHIN XP-005 1 free token each day
DOLPHIN XP-007 1 free token each day
CONDOR XC-002 1 free token each day
Xhorse Machines * 2 kits 2 free token each day
Xhorse Machines * 3 kits or more 2 free token each day


Xhorse Machines *2 kits means –> If you combine 2 machines, for example, by combining a CONDOR MINI and a DOLPHIN XP-005, you will obtain 2 free tokens each day.

However, tokens are not cumulative.


Xhorse Machines *3 kits means –> If you combine 3 machines, for example, by combining a CONDOR MINI PLUS, a CONDOR XC-002, and a DOLPHIN XP-005, you will obtain 2 free tokens each day.

  1. Order tokens from the dealer (for example One-year tokens subscription or 5 tokens)
  2. After receiving Mercedes Benz BE key or Xhorse BGA key, please turn on the tablet to collect 200 bonus points for free of charge.

xhorse-be-key-01 xhorse-bga-key-02


  1. Generate Xhorse remote for the first time, the tablet be awarded some bonus points automatically:

Wired remote = 25 bonus points

Xhorse wireless remote =40 bonus points

Xhorse super remote =40 bonus points

Xhorse keyless go remote =60 bonus points


Attention please:

Bonus Points from VVDI BE Key only can be used for vvdi key tool plus / VVDI MB password calculation.

However, bonus points from Xhorse Remotes like XK, XE,XS,XN, is used for ID48 96bit clone.


  1. Submit feedback to Xhorse on App

Step 1: Open the Xhorse App

Step 2:  Click on “I want to develop remotes”


Step 3:  Click on “I want (to) develop remotes” again


Step 4:  Finish information, and then click on “submit”

Now it’s okay. Bonus will be awarded after Xhorse manual review.


Part 3. Which will cost first: Token or Point?

1. MB Password Calculation

Paying Sequence: one-year unlimited tokens>>free MB token>>paid MB token>>MB points>>remote points


One-year Unlimited Tokens (only for VVDI MB Tool): yearly subscription, one token every day within one year

Free MB token: link Xhorse Key Cutting Machine to VVDI MB/ Key Tool Plus, free tokens every day (Not accumulated, 2 tokens at most every day)

MB points: each VVDI BE Key/ VVDI FBS3 Smart Key includes 200 MB points

Remote (bonus) points: generate Xhorse Remote, each remote gives points.


2. ID48 Calculation

Paying Sequence: free ID48 token>>paid ID48 token>>points


Free Token: buy Mini Key Tool, you will get one token every day in the first year

Paid Token: directly add to device via a purchase

Points: Same as Remote Points in MB Pass Calculation