VVDI BMW Tool Coding Programming Tool FAQs

Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool is professional BMW key programming and coding tool,it is new arrival item, we will share some frequently asked questions about blue vvdi bmw tool.


1.Q: Does VVDI BMW default coding option give you a spot to write vin?
A:You can write VIN.

2. Q: Does VVDI BMW Tool Repair frm via obd way?
A:Yes. Its flash not eeprom

3. Q: how the VVDI BMW tool select software to flash? By vin, by previous software no, by Vechicle Order or any combination?
A: extended identification, vin and many others criteria to be able to choose the most compatible flash.

4.Q: Will VVDI BMW support clear 8HP GEARBOX ISN?Via OBD way or via direct connection to GEARBOX plug?
A: Support this function, OBDII mode or on bench both ok

5.Q: Will VVDI BMW Tool support replace the DDE or dme?
A: Yes,exchange ECU function. Please check more from function view blog:

VVDI BMW Tool Software and Function View

6.Q: Can VVDI BMW support bmw cas4 keyless all key lost?
A:Yes,but please use stable power supply.

7. Q:Will VVDI BMW support change vin and read/write ISN of FEM?
A: Yes,it can do

8. Q:can vvdi bmw read and write isn dme> Cas?
A: Read ok, write not yet
9. Q:Can vvdi bmw be used to upgrade dme/dde software? If so, how?

A:I am sorry not support at present.

10. Q;vvdi bmw can program gearbox on BMW x5 2010 model ?

A:If it is 8HP,it is supported.
11. Q:Does vvdi bmw tool support cas3++ and cas 4 all keys lost from obd ?

A:It depends on the type,most are supported.

12. Q:Will vvdi2 bmw cas plug work with vvdi bmw tool?
13. Q: Can vvdi bmw tool reset bmw Fem module mileage to 0000 same as vvdi2 ?

A:Yes,vvdi bmw tool covers VVDI2 bmw function.

14.What’s the difference between VVDI2 BMW and VVDI BMW?
VVDI BMW Tool covers the features of BMW VVDI2, It also supports E/F/G encoding and 8HP gearbox functions, as well as encoding function, including scanning clear DTC .etc.

VVDI BMW Tool and vvdi2 software installation is smiliar.The vvdi bmw KM and IMMO function supported bmw car year similar like VVDI2 BMW key programmer. Most are differentiated according to the IMMO system. Currently, BWM is supported from very old EWS to CAS (1, 2, 3, 3++ 4,4+) and the latest FEM/BDC system.

Both of VVDI2 and VVDI BMW Tool software update online,firmware update via xhorse update kit software.

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