Tips about VVDI2 BMW CAS3 Reflash Firmware Info

vvdi2 bmw

VVDI2 BMW support BMW EWS1-EWS4 and CAS1-CAS4,BMW FEM.When tried to do BMW CAS3++,it got message like following pic: Current CAS is ISTAP version,we need flash CAS firmware to continue. Suggestions: 1.If the car lower power,supply extra power to car. 2.If… Continue Reading

How to Get VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC Authorization?

vvdi2 authorization list

VVDI2 Full authorization includes the following pic one.And we have several VVDI2,we will display which authorization includes: 1.SV86-C VVDI2 Basic: VK-01;VJ-01 2.SV86-D VVDI2 BMW:SV86-C+VB-01+VP-01 3.SV86-B VVDI2 VAG:SV86-C+VV-01+VV-02+VP-01+PS-01 4.SV86 VVDI2 Full: SV86-C+VB-01+VV-01+VV-02+VP-01+PS-01(BMW FEM,ID48 authorization,MQB needs to buy separately)   How to… Continue Reading