Condor XC-MINI Cut 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Van Y170 key

condor mini full package

iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine can cut keys by database,cut by bitting,if you have original key,you can also use original key to learn then cut new key.And you may see condor xc-mini feedback about “No solution for Renault emergency… Continue Reading

VVDI Prog Read/Write/Erase ATMEL AT24C16 EEPROM&Flash

vvdi prog

VVDI Prog super programmer can do MCU,ECU,IMMO.etc.Here we will display eeprom&flash one type ATMEL AT24C16.VVDI Prog newest version is V4.5.9 now,if you not use newest version,get newest vvdi programmer software free from us. 1.Run VVDI Prog software and choose detailed type. 2.Read the common EEPROOM, note: please insert the chip by following the below picture.… Continue Reading

VVDI Key Tool Remote Clone Renault Duster Key

vvdi key tool

VVDI key tool clone remote function works well.Here we will display VVDI Key Tool Remote Clone Renault Duster Key.And Xhorse 4D,ID46,ID48 chips are OK to purchase from now. 1.Start VVDI Key Tool,choose “Remote Clone”. 2.Choose :Special Clone 3.Put the key… Continue Reading

Free Download V4.5.9 VVDI PROG Software (2017-06-28)

V4.5.9 VVDI PROG newest software update on June 28th,free download V4.5.9 VVDI Prog software from XhorseVVDI,you can also find newest V4.5.9 VVDI Prog user manual in update software. 1.Free Download v4.5.9 VVDI PROG Programmer Software Here is the download link:!LtoxQbAQ!0QPTHKkQF-oojCdoQlhB_b29lXVn4EYICRPlvL8I2MQ Password:123456 2.V4.5.9… Continue Reading

VVDI Key Tool Key Renew Adapters Original Controls Support List

vvdi key tool adapters

VVDI Key Tool Adapters Unlock Kit you can unlock the original locked controls and re-encode them.VVDI Key Tool package not includes these adapters,needs you buy separately.And XhorseVVDI shares VVDI Key Tool Adapters Unlock Kit original controls list. VVDI Key Tool Adapters… Continue Reading

V4.0.1 Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Update Detailed Steps

mini condor update

V4.1.0 Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine works well for KM02 KM03 key cutting machine.Step by step,we will display pics to help you operate condor xc-mini updating. 1.Download V1.1.1 Condor MINI Update Tool Software 2.How to Update V4.0.1 Condor XC-MINI Key… Continue Reading

VVDI Prog Read Benz Sprinter ST95P08 EEPROM Test OK

vvdi prog locking socket

VVDI Prog Programmer can do ECU,MEU,EEROM,IMMO,Dashboard.When you read eeprom,you need 16pin locking socket. Read the common EEPROOM, note: please insert the chip by following the below picture. 1.Benz Sprinter ST95P08 2.Connect like pic shows: 3.Start VVDI prog software,and choose Sprinter ST95P08 EEPROM type. 4.Click read.Start reading process. 5.Read successfully.