Mercedes A164 W164 Gateway Adapter Replace W164 Gateway

Mercedes A164 W164 Gateway Adapter works together with VVDI MB BGA Tool.And newly add W209 W211.Please do not worry,old A164 you bought before also support.And it can replace SO392 W164 Gateway adapter.


This A164 W164 gateway simulator can work with VVDI MB Tool and  original MB NEC PRO57 or APPRO-MB TOOL.
To read Mercedes W164 W209 W211 EIS, you need one gateway to read EIS data via OBD.With this simulator you can successfully read/write ECU via OBD.
1.SO392 Gateway Adapter will be replaced by SO392-B A164 W164 gateway.SO392 will not sell any more.If you need w164 gateway,please choose A164 W164 one.

2.You have more choice for W164 gateway

VVDI Benz Power Adapter covers W164 Gateway Adapter for Mercedes(Item NO.SO392,SO392-B) function.If you bought power adapter,no need to buy W164 gateway.
Most importantly,the Mercedes-Benz power adapter to collect W204, W207 all lost, only need 18 minutes.For V3.0.0 VVI MB Tool new function fast mode needs vvdi mb tool power adapter.If you bought power adapter,no need the W164 gateway connector.


2.1.2.EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes W208 W209 W906 W639 Total 12 Cables Plus A164 Gateway

It is full with 12 eis/elv cables and A164 gateway and gateway adapter
W203  W639  K
W202 W208 W210 K
W209 W211
4PIN ESL 169
3PIN ESL 203
W220 W215 W230 K
5PIN ESL OLD 202 208 210
5PIN ESL 203 211 219 209 906 639