Key Tool Plus 2017 Land Rover Evoque Add Key via OBD Success

VVDI Key Tool Plus function on JLR vehicles takes year 2018 as the boundary. For JLR before 2018, users could program keys via OBD or by reading KVM on bench; for JLR after 2018, users could program keys by cloning key info via OBD or by replacing RFA chip on Bench.

Here is a review on 2017 JLR vehicle:

2017 Land Rover Evoque

Add second key via OBD

Key Tool Plus successful

Changeable ID key

Use existing key slot


ACDP failed (error key id)

Autel failed (software not supported)



ACDP is what I use normally but my changeable ID key, it didn’t like my keys today, and I have used them before no issues so unsure at moment.

Key tool was straight in and out easy which did surprise me, and it worked better than ACDP 100%


Credit to Craig Chaddy Brett