How to use Xhorse Remote Tester Test 868MHZ Frequency?

Xhorse Remote Tester for Radio Frequency Infrared (Without 868MHZ) is suitable for US/Canada customers,their mobile phone frequency is 868MHZ in your country,please buy Xhorse tester without 868MHZ.As the phone frequency will be recognised by tester,the tester 868MHZ light will be on,and beeping,never stop.

And later time,with 868mhz remote tester will stop producing any more.Here we will display how to change xhorse remote tester to test 868mhz for customers who need 868mhz?

1.Remove battery.


2.Open the case.Put on the jumper cap like following pic display.


3.The before and after.


4.Operate Video