How to use xhorse bonus points to exchange super chip, tokens, adapters etc?
October 29, 2019 VVDI Programmer

Dear users, your Xhorse universal remote bonus points can be exchanged with super chip, tokens, adapters, vvdi mini key tool etc. For example, if you have 1000 points, it can be exchanged with VVDI Super Chip XT27A66 (10pcs), VVDI BE Key Pro etc, and if you have 4500 points, you can get one free VVDI Mini key tool (GL, NA,EU,SA). In general, there are 23 devices for your choice.

When your Xhorse bonus points are over 1000 and less than 4500, you can pick up any of the following 23 devices (VVDI Mini key tool, super chip, Be key, VVDI MB token, adapters for vvdi pro, adapter for vvdi mb, etc):

Item No. Product Pic Products Bonus Points needed
SA1680-B  VVDI Super Chip XT27A66 (10pcs) 1000
SK263 VVDI Mini key tool (GL) 4500
SK199-B XHORSE Remote Tester wihtout 868MHZ 3200
SA1783+SA1794 VVDI BE Key Pro Plus Mercedes Benz Smart Key Shell 3 Button one piece 1000
SO451 Xhorse VVDI PROG XDPG14CH MC68HC05X32(QFP64) Adapter 1000
SK232 Xhorse M35080/D80 Adapter 1000
SA1864-5 Xhorse 35160DW Chip 5pcs 2500
SO363 VVDI PROG PCF79XX Adapter 1500
SO450 VVDI PROG XDPG13CH AM29FxxxB (SOP44)  1500
SO459 Xhorse TMS370 (PLCC28\PLCC44\PLCC68) Adapter  1500
SO452 XHORSE XDPG15CH MC68HC05BX(PLCC52) Adapter 1000
SO386 XHORSE ESL Emulator/ELV Emulator 1700
SK205 Xhorse ID48 Chip Copy Data Collector 3000
SO388 Xhorse VVDI MB NEC ELV Adaptor 3000
SF257 Xhorse VVDI Prog Bosch Adapter 3000
SF217-B Land Rover KVM Adapter for VVDI Prog 1000
SA1500-1 10pcs * XHORSE XKA600EN VVDI X003 Audi A6L Q7 Style Universal Remote Key 3 Buttons 3000
SA1499-1 10pcs*XHORSE XKB501EN Volkswagen B5 Style Special Remote Key 3 Buttons 2500
SK230 Xhorse EWS3 Adapter for VVDI Prog 1000
SK234 Xhorse EWS4 Adapter for VVDI Prog 1500
SO370 Xhorse TB28F Adapter for VVDI Prog

Next question is how to gain the Xhorse Bonus Points & MB points?

When you use Xhorse universal remote, you will get the bonus points in the Xhorse APP.

One wire remote: 25 bonus points

One wireless remote: 40 bonus points

One super remote: 40 bonus points

One smart key: 60 bonus points

Remote Bonus points and MB points are different. 200 MB points can exchange one MB token for online password calculation. MB points can only exchange VVDI MB TOOL token.

While, Remote bonus points can be used to exchange more:

  1. If you have 100 Bonus Points, it is free to do 96 bit copy 48 of MINI KEY TOOL/VVDI KEY TOOL/VVDI2. And it is free to do VVDI2 copy 48 via OBD. It is free to use VVDI2 to generate Toyota H chip (if you don’t use Xhorse super chip) etc.
  2. When you open Xhorse APP and “shop”, you can see you can use bonus points to exchange some authorization service or some devices incl. VVDI MB tool token without paying money.

Finally, how to transfer your bonus points to us in Xhorse APP?

1. Please confirm your points is remote bonus points,not get the points from Benz key pcb.Or the transfer will fail.
2. Log in Xhorse app, then click on [Bonus pints] button to set the next step.

xhorse app

3. In the Bonus points interface you will see the information for points.
Click on [Gift bonus points to others] button to proceed to the next step.

4. Enter cell phone number +86 13670251418.
Enter gift bonus points quantity (how many you would like to give us), click on [Gift to others] finish operation.

Note: before transferring the bonus points, please contact us firstly. Then wait for us to confirm and arrange the device shipment.

Important Note: 

  1. After yourbonus points transfer to us, please write an email to or contact us online ,whatsapp:+86-13983756354 telling us who are you and how many bonus points you gifted to us, better take an image and send to us.Or before you plan to gift to us, please let us know advance.
  1. Then wait for us to confirm andarrange your shipment.  

Or if you want to pay on our site, we will add your bonus points to your personal account (if you are a unregistered member, please register firstly), then you can use the bonus points to exchange Xhorse devices.

Please look at the following 2 images.

Image 1: I don’t login XXX, and in my shopping cart I add 2 pieces of Bosch ECU adapters and 1 piece of M4 clamp, the 2 pieces of Bosch ECU adapter worth 3000 bonus points = 300USD, and 419USD in total.

Image 2: After I login the site, and use 3000 bonus points to buy the 2 pieces of Bosch ECU adapters, only $275.14 in total and save 300USD.

When the bonus points are enough to exchange the Xhorse devices, there is no “Check out with PayPal”.

That’s all.


Any questions and suggestions, please contact us freely.

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