How to use VVDI2 Programmer Get ISN from BMW CAS3+ Encrypted?

VVDI Prog can get BMW ISN automatically,if VVDI Prog can support,it will display the ISN in the VVDI Prog software.And VVDI2 can also help you get ISN,like BMW CAS3+ all key lost.

vvdi2 bmw

1.Start VVDI2 BMW software.

Choose “Key Learn”,then “File make key”.

vvdi2 bmw isn

2.Choose detailed model.

vvdi2 bmw

3.Load eeprom dump file.


vvdi2 bmw

4.Choose Key ID.

vvdi2 bmw cas3

5.Click “Make Dealer Key”

Use try start method to start enginer,no need working key or engine dump file.

vvdi2 bmw

6.Click yes to continue.

7.Then it display the ISN.