How to use VVDI MB Tool Program Benz W209 Key?

VVDI Benz can support all key lost W164,W216,W166,W209,W211,W212,W246,W212(old),W204, W207 etc, online calculation key password.Here is the simple steps about VVDI MB BGA Tool program benz w209 with working key.

1.Read EIS data via IR way.

Choose EIS Tool,and mode,IR way,chassis.Then click read eis data and password.

vvdi benz w209

Insert IR adapter to car,take out and insert again if already inserted.

vvdi benz w209 vvdi benz w209

You can try to read key password via IR,if failed,please use password calculation to get key password online.

vvdi benz w209

2.Get Key Password.

Get directly via IR failed,then use password calculation.

vvdi benz w209

Data acquisition.Insert working key to EIS.

vvdi benz w209 vvdi benz w209

Insert working key to device IR reader before press OK.

Save Data.

Upload data and get key password.

3.Copy password and paste in EIS data and save it.

Click EIS Tools and then click read EIS data and password.

Paste key password.

Save EIS data.

4.Prepare key file.

Load EIS data.

Then click prepare key file,please choose the key version before load and prepare.

Save Key File.

5.Write new key.

Load key file and add new key.

6.Write successfully,then test your new key.