How to use VVDI BE key to download Points from VVDI MB tool?

Every Xhorse MB key have 200 points
Points can be download before you program key or after.
200 points can be exchange to 1 token for online calculation

1) Open VVDI MB Tool
2) click on POINTS SYSTEM
3) in new window click ONLINE VERYFI BE KEY
4) You will see message”Input VVDI BE key to VVDI MB and press OK!”.
5) Insert the PCB of BE key into VVDI MB and click OK
download-points-from-mb-keys-07 download-points-from-mb-keys-06
6) If Key have points you will see message “This BE key has bonus points”.
If POINTS already used you will see message: This BE key doesn’t have bonus points, it bonus points was already used!


7) Click UPLOAD POINTS to upload it to your VVDI MB tool