How to Solve Xhorse Remote Key “Only for China Market” error?

XhorseVVDI sell English xhorse remote key. And recent time,we add several new Xhorse wire,wireless remote keys for Toyota,Honda,Hyundai,Buick.etc.

And for the English Xhorse keys,we recent receive the feedback that when generate got the error:




1.Please contact the seller you bought to confiem it is English version keys.

2.If English keys,contact them for exchange or resend,if less than 5 pcs,will resend you new keys.If more than 5 pcs,need send back for exchange.As little part of keys after Sep 2019, the program file is incorrectly.

Xhorse Remote Key English Version New Arrival
Xhorse Wireless Universal Folding Remote Key for Toyota Flip 2 Buttons XNTO01EN 5pcs/lot


Xhorse Wireless Universal Remote Key for Honda Style 4 Buttons XNHO01EN 5pcs/lot


Xhorse Universal Wire Remote Key 4 Buttons Blue Style XKXH01EN 10pcs


10pcs Xhorse Wire Universal Remote Key for Toyota Style 3 Buttons XKTO04EN


We list some keys here,if you need check more type,please click: