How to Select Key Version on VVDI MB: V051, V041, V011?

One customer asks which option to prepare XSBZ01EN key on VVDI MB? For normal keys, he uses v051. He tried 051 with keyless keys, it won’t work. It can only start, but no keyless or remote function.



Here xhorsevvdi technical support gave the



Programmed by VVDI MB Tool, VVDI Keys work but can’t generate complete smart functions


1)The original key has 2 batteries

2)The Mercedes is before 2011


And How to Select v051, v041, v011?

To program VVDI Benz Keys, select v051.

For OEM NEC keys, select v041/v011.


And experience from a locksmith colleague for your reference:

To program small black and chrome keys, select v51.

For old Motorolla 2MHZ, select v41.

For old Motorolla 4MHZ, select v11.


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