How to renew/virgin Mercedes NEC key V57 by VVDI MB Tool?

In this blog you will know how to renew/virgin Mercedes NEC key V57 easily by VVDI MB BAG Tool and VVDI MB NEC Key Adapter! No need any soldering! After key is erased you can write key again.

Recommended Tool Kit: VVDI MB Tool with NEC Key Adapter and EIS/ELV Test Line


Easy steps VVDI MB Tool renew Mercedes NEC key V57:

Put the NEC57 key chip on VVDI NEC Key Adapter.

Put NEC Key Adapter on VVDI MB Tool.

Connect VVDI MB Tool with laptop and open latest VVDI MB software V2.1.7.

Now you can start to virgin Mercedes NEC57!

Select mode “NEC Adaptor” then choose type “V51, V57”.


Click “Identification key” and VVDI MB soon read NEC V57 key info successfully! Key number is 1.


Then click “Renew” button to virgin NEC V57 key. Wait a while key erasing complete 100% and success!


Click “Identification key” again and read key info to check if key is successfully erased.

And you can see now key information is blank and things done!