How to Reduce Mercedes-Benz W204/W207 Password Calculation Time?

This article is about to show you how to reduce Benz W204/W207 password calculation time by VVDI MB Power Adapter when all key lost, as it often takes few hours to give the password.


Lets see the difference during the process of password calculation.

Difference 1.Connection (esp. Power supply)

If we have VVDI MB Power Adapter, we connect VVDI MB to OBD line by it, and supply 12V power to the power adapter.



We can also calculate the password without it. Then we directly connect VVDI MB to OBD line, and supply 12V power to EIS test cable.



Difference 2.Mode Option

On “Password Calculation” page of VVDI MB App,

If we have the power adapter, select “W172, 204, 207(FAST)”; If not, select “W172, 204, 207”.

how-to-reduce-mercedes-benz-w204-w207-password-calculation-time-3 how-to-reduce-mercedes-benz-w204-w207-password-calculation-time-4-1


Difference 3.Calculation Time

We directly calculate password without adapter, and it will be around 2.5 hoursMB Power Adapter could decrease the time to only 18 minutes.

how-to-reduce-mercedes-benz-w204-w207-password-calculation-time-5 how-to-reduce-mercedes-benz-w204-w207-password-calculation-time-6


Complete Steps

Step1. Connect test cable to EIS module


Step 2. Connect test cable to OBD line


Step 3. Connect VVDI MB to OBD line by power adapter and supply 12V power to power adapter

Path on VVDI MB App:

  • Password Calculation>>Check “Select this if lost all working key”>>Mode – “OBD”>>Chassis – “W172, 204, 207(FAST)”>>Data Acquisition>>Save data>>“Upload Data”>>“Query result”

Then we get the password, and don’t forget this function requires VVDI MB Token.



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