How to Choose VVDI Key Tool Max and Key Tool?

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max is new released item, it can covers MINI Key Tool,VVDI Key Tool function,it has screen,which is friendly to customers who do not want MINI Key Tool use on Phone APP. And we have the VVDI Key Tool Max with MINI OBD Tool bundle package.


How to Choose VVDI Key Tool Max and Key Tool?


The remote/transponder function is the same as the previous MINI KEY TOOL, and the renew remote same like VVDI Key Tool.

VVDI Max can support renew remote function,support work with key tool remote renew cable,key tool renew adapter, but defaulted package not includes renew cable,Xhorse will sell renew cable later time,please wait for new stock,thanks.



2.1. Added IC Copy function.

2.2.VVDI Max no need connect computer to update firmware,connect with inernet,update in VVDI.

2.3. VVDI Key Tool max can connect MINI OBD to work together for OBD function.

MINI OBD TOOL is a multi-function vehicle programming tool with vehicle diagnosis,Immo Programming,Throttle program,Tire pressure light reset,maintenance light reset and etc.
MINI OBD TOOL can connect with specific software or hardware by WIFI,WLAN or interface.

VVDI MINI OBD Tool Main Function:
More Function:

In brief,if you want to do remote/transponder function and want to use on Phone APP,MINI Key Tool is OK.

If want one like vvdi key tool,with screen,and want to do MINI OBD Tool function,buy Key Tool Max and MINI OBD Tool is OK.