GODIAG GT105 OBDII Break Out Box Function Introduction

GODIAG ECU IMMO Prog AD GT105 is a special plug-and-use connector, mainly for car communication tests, OBD short-circuit, and outside power supply.


Let’s take a deeper look at this little GT105 box:


1. Help test device-car communication

When we connect our device to a car, it may prompt “No communication”.

First, we should find out whether the issue happens on the car or the device, so we can connect this GT105 box to the car, and check the indicators on it.


Connect GT105 to the car via OBD. If the power light is on, it means the car is good, so there is something wrong with the device or the device doesn’t support the car.


2. OBD short-circuit

This function avoids removing ECU or immo to do short-circuit, and it applies to Ford all key lost, Mitsubishi remote match, starting VW when all key lost, Toyota immo box synchronization, etc.


Example – Mitsubishi 2016 remote match

We need to manually match the remote part after we clone the ID46 transponder and generate the remote.


Connect GT105 to the car via OBD.

Turn on the door once.

Turn on the ignition with the original key.

Press “M 1-4” to short-circuit the car.


Press the emergency light 3 times.

Press the unlock button on the new key.


Press the unlock button on the original key to complete the procedure.



3. Outside power supply

Nowhere to get power supply in some outside job?

By connecting to a car battery, it can supply power to different devices and machines.




Work with Xhorse Panda Key Cutting Machine.


Work with Key Tool Plus + Audi BCM Solder-free Adapter.


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