Free Download V6.8.1 VVDI2 Software Support MQB49/5C

V6.8.1 VVDI2 software is released now, can support MQB/5C prepare dealer key and learn key.


1.Free Download V6.8.1 VVDI2 Software

2.V6.8.1 VVDI2 Update Info:

2020-11-25 Require firmware V6.8.1

!!!This version require update firmware V6.8.1!!!

VAG V6.8.1
1. Support MQB/5C prepare dealer key and learn key
1). Require KEYTOOL PLUS or OBD helper to get immo data
2). Add key: Require working key support; All key lost: require key synchronize data
3). Require VVDI proximity remote to generate MQB49/5C remote: need latest remote database V362
2. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
3. Bugfix

BMW V6.8.1
1. Bugfix

Porsche V6.8.1
1. Bugfix

PSA V6.8.1
1. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V6.8.1
1. Support make remote for MQB49/5C
2. Bugfix

Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.8.1
1. Bugfix

J2534 V6.8.1
1. Bugfix

Online Upate Tool V6.8.1
1. Bugfix

Quick Start V6.8.1
1. Bugfix