Free Download V1.4.5 VVDI BMW Tool Software

VVDI BMW Tool covers VVDI2 BMW function,ans it has more function like supports E/F/G encoding and 8HP gearbox functions, as well as encoding function, including scanning clear DTC .etc. And here is V1.4.5 VVDI BMW Tool newest update and download link.


1.Free Download V1.4.5 VVDI BMW Tool Software
2.V1.4.5 VVDI BMW Tool Update Info

2019-11-08     Require firmware V1.4.3
V1.4.5 VVDI BMW Tool
1. Improvement for E-Series coding and programming
2. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming
3. Improvement for CAS4 OBD key learning
4. Bugfix