Can Xhorse / KeyDIY Generate Remote for Audi A6 C6?


Lately I was able to successfully sell some Xhorse Universal Keys. All of them worked quite well in most VW and Mazda cars.


Customer wants to make a new key for A6 C6 model. Asked for one universal models that he liked


I found out that Xhorse don’t have the option to program 4F0 keys into universal remotes. I was able to program the transponder and add key to the car, so the car starts, but remote is not functional.


Keydiy had some aftermarket sets, to connect into CAN, that would let me program non-original keys, but it’s impossible to buy it right now. Every shop is out of stock.


Audi 4F0 Key List



In Keydiy, there is no such key.

Some keys on Aliexpress support Audi 4F0 keys.



Ordered the aliexpres keys. Works like a charm, engine starts, remote is working good.


Credits to Sweaty and internel.

Hope this could help.