Can VVDI Prog Programmer Support BMW CAS1 0K50E?

VVDI Prog Programmer is universal programmer can do MCU,ECU,Immo,EEPROM&FLASH,Remote,Airbag.etc And from BMW IMMO type in software or VVDI Prog V4.5.8 user manual,you can not find CAS1,will VVDI Prog support BMW CAS1 0K50E?

vvdi prog bmw cas1

vvdi prog bmw cas1

The reply is Yes,you can start VVDI Prog software,and find BMW CAS1 0K50E from MCU,Motorola-MC68HC(9)12.

It shows MASK:0K50E


As BMW CAS1 type has too many different car models,and some chips are old,VVDI Prog software not includes the Connection Diagram,if you have the diagram by yourself,you can solder and test.

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