Can VVDI MB Tool Power adapter support all keys lost with OBD?

The answer is the VVDI MB Tool Power Adaptor is for bench, not OBD. I don’t think it’ll work on car.


Done a couple W204. Takes about 20 mins to do data acquisition, then same procedure as slow procedure.

First one, I had a spare key, but I wanted to test the power adaptor. 20 mins later had all the data. uploaded it. And failed to find password. Didnt want to wait another 20 mins to do it again, used the working key on that one.

Second EIS, 20 mins to get data acquisition. Uploaded, and password in less than a minute. So working key in 25 mins, start to finish.

Power adaptor is a slightly weird device. Doest read EIS SSID or hashes with it plugged in. Only plug it in to get FAST data acquisition.

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