Can Dolphin XP005 support renault trafic 2 2012 bus key

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 support Renault Trafic 2 2012 Bus key? we received the feedback, and here we share two review.

1.Could you help me with what key to copy the renault Trafic 2 2012 Bus key ?

Can-Dolphin-XP005-support-renault-Trafic-2-2012-Bus-key-1 Can-Dolphin-XP005-support-renault-Trafic-2-2012-Bus-key-2

Use NE72, you can go to car database find the type





2.I like to get help in M1 adapter i caught the trafic key. decoding. new key cut and did not become a good key something extra setup needed?

Try to cut via the universal duplication way, please calibrate it before decoding

Dolphin-XP005-support-Renault-Trafic-1 Dolphin-XP005-support-Renault-Trafic-2