Best 2015 Golf 7 Smart Key, which one and where to buy?

Car model and year: 2015 Golf 7


Smart Key Chip ID: MQB ID48, it is different from standard id48


What smart key is good for Golf 7: Xhorse smart key is good for Golf 7


Which one and where to buy:

Best Solution: Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity MQB Style 3 Button Remote Key XSMQB1EN

Xhorse smart key can work for golf 7 so better to buy xhorse universal mqb key.



Good to know:

Someone would purchase this one: XEMQB1EN 5pcs/lot (44.91euros for 5 keys)

It with super chip inside, it’s just looks like mqb, but you can’t program it for ID48 MQB car. You need XSMQB1EN proxy key above.



Also, someone advised (For your reference): 

If what you want is to make a key without control, only with a chip, you could try to convert your system from mqb megamos id88 to id48 if the modules such as audio do not work with a security component because if it has a security component it would stop working … you need a VVDI2 or an AVDI to change the system … I think you can also use this chip from the photo…



Image 1:

This chip cost 11 euros.


Anyway the best solution is to buy smart key MQB from xhorse.