1.5.0 VVDI BMW Tool Software Can’t open CAS3 CAS4 Eeprom Suggestion

VVDI BMW Tool newest version is 1.5.o,and BMW configuration file is 1.0.3. V1.5.0 VVDI BMW Tool newly add Support get ISN from EDC17 eeprom dump file. Special function for F/G series: Update MSM, Reset FlexRay, Initialize car window. Support search coding.


After installing 1.5.0 update, I can’t open CAS3+, CAS4 and CAS4+ eeprom files, maybe some more, but didn’t tested yet. Software pops up window with error “Current module doesn’t support this file, please check it!”. Tried on two PCs. FIles are 100% OK, because they opened perfectly on 1.4.9 version.


please download that quick fix

official version will be relist soon

Here is link

https://mega.nz/#!sVtWVKAK!OfSaodozbcfj … rgPHswr33A

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