Free Download V6.6.1 VVDI2 Software,Support BMW CAS4/CAS4+with OBDII

vvdi2 update

V6.6.1 VVDI2 software is released today,and newly add BMW CAS4/CAS4+(XEP100 series, 5M48H/1N35H) type with OBDII,reset mileage in CAS4 module.etc,here is the V6.6.1 VVDI2 free download link from XhorseVVDI. 1.Free Download V6.6.1 VVDI2 Software 2.V6.6.1 VVDI2 Update Info (2019-08-20)  Require… Continue Reading

Free Download V6.5.1 VVDI2 Software (2019.4.25)

vvdi2 update

V6.5.1 VVDI2 newest software is released,get vvdi2 software download link from us. And please do not forget to use xhorse update kit software to update vvdi2 firmware,newest version is V6.5.0 too. 1.Free Download V6.5.1 VVDI2 Software 2.V6.5.0 VVDI2 Update… Continue Reading

Free Download V6.1.1 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software

v6.1.1 vvdi2 update

VVDI2 Transponder Programmer software newest version is V6.1.1. Get VVDI2 V6.1.1 software download link from us. 1.Free Download V6.1.1 VVDI2 software!H8RUUCbD!LhmOKX_rrg2t4orxCloRtq2z7If5BV5uUZRNb8pvBd4 Q:Vvdi2 upgraded from 6.1.0 to 6.1.1, the middle stuck for about 4 hours, then he restarted the computer… Continue Reading

Free Download V6.1.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software

VVDI2 key programmer newest version 6.1.0,please use newest vvdi2 software,and firmware update to 6.1.0 latest version. 1.Free Download V6.1.0 VVDI2 Software!2sxmDYCT!VXl3Dj4lgCsYr4vTLrJOfbOiGZ5DGyjTtr-ve8WdlZ8 2.V6.1.0 VVDI2 update info:2018-01-07 Require firmware V6.1.0 VAG V6.1.0 1. Immoprovement for MQB prepare dealer key a). Support… Continue Reading

Free Download V6.0.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software(2018.10.26)

vvdi2 update

V6.0.0 VVDI2 newest software is released, get free download link from install the newest software,please do not forget to use xhorse update kit software update firmware. VVDI2 full is on promotion now!Contact us to get promotion price! 1.Free Download… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.8.0 VVDI2 Software (2018.9.4)

vvdi2 update

V5.8.0 VVDI2 Software is released 2018.9.4.VVDI2 FEM/BDC system add reset ECU lock(Usually used after exchange FEM/BDC).Now get v5.8.0 vvdi2 download link from us. 1.Free Download V5.8.0 VVDI2 Software!YO5XDDrT!X_Ha8J13x3oJUO9Mrlv6137j3Y9s57ORVcpA_YV3nSQ 2.V5.8.0 VVDI2 Update Info 2018-09-04 ***Require firmware V5.8.0 ************************************************************************ ===== VAG V5.8.0… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.6.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software(2018.6.19)

vvdi2 update

V5.6.0 VVDI2 software released,it fixs bugs,free download newest software from your software is lower than 5.5.0,please do not forget to update your vvdi2 firmware,or the software can not use correctly. 1.Free Download V5.6.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software!SlZBzSIJ!zcmGvRlgz6tcBLzRnlY91Pl8KJdfKW8wCL-zVuHaC-E 2.VVDI2 latest software version V5.6.0 update… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software(2018.05.15)

vvdi2 update

VVDI2 latest software version V5.5.0 update on 2018-05-15,it adds 2012-2014  MQB(Continental/VDO) immobilizer and mileage,here is VVDI2 V5.5.0 software download link and update information. 1.Free Download V5.5.0 VVDI2 Software!ukwTEaqK!-Px3Uf0bjDvTfZK2daFK5Stw2dLHSTe9IlTAxAFiEd4 2.V5.5.0 VVDI2 Update Information VVDI2 latest software version V5.5.0 update Require firmware V5.5.0 ===== VAG V5.5.0 ===== 1. Add support… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.3.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software(2018.3.22)

vvdi2 update

V5.3.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software released on Mar 22th,and it adds new function like porsche 911,997, boxster 987 keylearn: Menu->Key Learn->Transponder Key – 911,987, Boxster 987, Cayman.Here is V5.3.0 VVDI2 software download link. 1.Free Download V5.3.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software!zp5xzZaQ!jlaj4a3qKpc5PKTY5eJ1_3r4v8RhgHhvKO5qsIImVR4… Continue Reading

VVDI2 V5.2.5 Software Free Download from Xhorsevvdi

VVDI2 V5.2.5 Software Free Download from Xhorsevvdi – 2018-02-02  Free Download VVDI2 V5.2.5:!Xow2jQzB!8HtGcwv67Ofzlcd2Cxvx8jlbTDWFQXBisNB-ta_6-fI Require firmware V5.2.5 ===== VAG V5.2.5 ===== 1. Bugfix for prepare dealer in MQB platform 2. Bugfix ===== BMW V5.2.5 ===== 1. Bugfix ===== Porsche V5.2.5 =====… Continue Reading