VVDI Key Tool Max Mini OBD Tool “Server Exception” error solution


Connected vvdi key tool max to mini obd tool, got error “Server Exception”, image shown as below.  Xhorse engineer working solution: Close the “Automatic Connect”. Update vvdi key tool max firmware to the newest version. Update Mini OBD Tool firmware… Continue Reading

VVDI Key Tool Max Special Clone Tips

vvdi key tool max

VVDI Key Tool Max support remote clone, and in remote clone,has special clone. And received feedback of key tool max that: There are often problems with Korea g2x vehicles. The remote controller is copied by using the “special copy” function. Because there is no g2x on your remote control list. The main subject is: a Saturn sky, an Opel gt, a Daewoo g2x vehicle “Open door” button – Click one  – Open driver’s door “Open door” button – Click twice – Open driver’s door and assistant door The “special copy” function cannot press the same button twice in a row, right? Is there a solution? Engineer suggestion: special copy function can only copy part of the old… Continue Reading