How to Update VVDI Prog Programmer Firmware?
October 30, 2019 VVDI Programmer

VVDI PROG software update online, get download link from us. And firmware update,we received many feedback that when update firmware get “communication failed error”. Here is the suggestion for VVDI PROG firmware update.

1.VVDI Prog Firmware 2.0.0


Please do not update firmware,it is 2.0.0,or it will get communication error.

vvdi prog update firmware

2.If you bought VVDI PROG longer time before and firmware 1.2.2.

As we received review that he bought a used VVDI Prog, and got the message : The currenet firmware is too low,need to upgrade, continue?

vvdi prog update firmware

vvdi prog firmware update

Solution from Engineer:

keep press ‘Ctrl ‘ and run the ‘upgrade kit’ , it will run the test version of upgrade kit , in that version you can see the version 2.0.0 of vvdi prog , use that one for update.

New feedback from customer:

Thank you very much. It worked

vvdi prog update firmware

Please note:

This is only for previous old version,if you bought recent time and 2.0.0 version firmware,please DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE.thanks.

If any more feedback,please contact