Xhose Dolphin XP007 & IM608 Transit custom 2013 keys added

Big thanks to @Marcus Woodward who share his using experience with Autel IM608 and Xhorse Dolphin XP007, he firstly used XP007 to cut key, then used IM608 to add new flip key for Transit custom 2013.

Read his original feedback:

Transit custom 2013 2 x new genuine flip keys added in a matter of minutes! (using Autel IM608)

It said about 3/10 mins for security access but was around 60 secs.

No need to delete any keys. Remote automatic sync on these

20 mins with cutting


Look at this xp007 manual duplicator, this is the cutting machine that I used, with a Mercedes blade holder in the clamp.



How do I like Xhorse Dolphin XP007 overall?

Someone is looking for a good affordable cutting machine, but have no ideal which one is the best for you, here is his personal experience:

(Xhorse Dolphin XP007) it’s really good as long as you don’t need to do all key lost (cut from code) which you can do at a locksmith place if u can get the key code anyway.. if you want for making spares 110% worth it. Portable, battery powered, fast and multi function clamps work well for flat and grooved keys.

Don’t need anything to operate it other than your hands. Dolphin XP007 is manual not automatic.

I’ve cut Honda blades with it, BMW and Benz, VAG, Vauxhall and so on.

You can’t go wrong with it really for the price. Yeah it may not do everything but good for the money.

All key lost would need to be either key code from dealer or similar. Where you buy the code. Or you can pick and decode it yourself and another machine would need to cut that from code which is an automatic cutter.

Dolphin XP007 is great as starter and just go from there when you need extra but this will do a lot of things for you to help you get going properly. And invest in better later.


Alright, where to purchase Dolphin XP007?

www.xhorsevvdi.com is a trustworthy dealer to invest one Dolphin XP007. The after-sale service is very helpful, the dealer knows what they sell.




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