Xhorse XM Toyota Smart Prox Key Latest FAQs 2021-12

In this article, we’ve collected the most 3 frequently asked questions about Xhorse XM Toyota Smart Prox Key. We’ll cover:

Supported Devices

Supported Remotes for Toyota

Bonus Points


Part 1. What devices can generate Xhorse XM Prox?

VVDI Key Tool Plus / Key Tool Max / Mini Key Tool / VVDI2.

The Old Key Tool’s firmware doesn’t support this function.


Part 2. Recently Xhorse release some cool remotes, can they generate Toyota keys?

No. Toyota Smart Cards can only be generated by XM Toyota Prox. Other smart remotes like Smart Watch SW-007 or King Card don’t support Toyota.


Part 3. Bonus Points about XM Toyota Key.

1. Two ways to get Bonus Points

1)Generate Xhorse Remote. (XK Wired Remote-25, XN Wireless Remote-40, XE Super Remote-40, XS Smart Remote-60)

2)Directly buy from a dealer. (Contact us to buy points)


2. You wont get points by generating XM smart key


3. First-time use of XM Smart Key requires 200 points

Detailed explanation: If you re-program the same XM key, it only requires 200 points for the first time; while if you keep programming different XM keys, although you only program once for every key, each will require 200 points.


4. Other tokens (ID48 / MB) cannot generate XM Toyota Key


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