Xhorse XDPGSOGL DB25 DB15 Conector Cable Coming Soon

In the VVDI Prog V5.0.9 update, it newly adds Xhorse XDPGSOGL DB15 DB25 Connector Cable work with VVDI Prog and key tool plus solder-free adapters, like XDNP11 BMW CAS3, XDNP12 BMW CAS4, DELPHI, J518 Adapter. etc, no need for soldering.

And in the previous, we confirmed the wrong info from the sales department, it is not included in the BCM2 adapter for Audi. They are different cables, Xhorse XDPGSOGL DB25 DB15 cable will release soon. Sorry for the wrong information in the previous description.





Today we get the review that gets the error invalid adapter, the DB25-DB15 cable is not the same in the BCM2 adapter, it needs to use Xhorse XDPGSOGL DB25 DB15 Connector Cable

xhorse-xdpgsogl-db15-db25-conector-cable-2 xhorse-xdpgsogl-db15-db25-conector-cable-3


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