Xhorse VVDI Wireless Remote Key Work with VVDI Key Tool,VVDI2 Functions

Xhorse VVDI Wireless Remote Key works with English VVDI Key Tool and newer version VVDI2.It is under pre-order now.In previous blog,we introduce the remote key list,here we will display Xhorse VVDI wireless remote key functions and advantages.


1.Xhorse VVDI Wireless Remote Key Functions:

Support immobilize transponder cloning 11/12/13/7935/7936/7937/7947XTT/7946 etc.
Bulit-in clonable transponder.
Original NXP Immobilize Transponder inside.
Automatic manufacture and test,using USA Agilent Test Equipment.
Each remote has its own file.
Wireless programming.
Sensitive response.
Interrelated design.
Reliable and environmental case.
Credit reward.
High cost-effective.
PCB with one year warrarnty.
Online technical support.
Patents pending.

2.Xhorse VVDI2 Remote Key Advantages

Superior generic design,various models available (Continuously adding),can effectively decrease storage cost.
Save the cost of money and time when cloning transponder or checking password.
Safe and stable,that can be used in adverse weather,like freezing winter and tropical summer.
High quality,great durability.
The quality of product can be guaranteed by professional monitoring system.
More convenient by without opening the cover or connecting the wire.
Support reprogramming.
High response speed will bring the better user experience.
Perfect workmanship provides satisfying details and smooth touch feeling.
Extended working life,good for both users’ health and nature.
Credits will be automatically accumulated,which can exchange various functions or components of Xhorse.
Can save much money and increase the profit.
Lifelong after-sale service,remotes with troubles can be replaced for free.
Technical support team are professional and offer free online assistance.User’s suggestions will be also collected for improvement.
Independent R&D,the pioneer of wireless programming,safe with no risk.

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