Xhorse VVDI Universal Remotes List

In this article, we’ll show you all Xhorse VVDI universal remotes and their functions.



Generally, Xhorse has released 4 types of universal remotes:

XK Wired Remote, XN Wireless Remote, XE Super Remote and XS Smart Remote.

Apart from regular designs, there are novel types like King Card, Smart Watch and Garage Remote.


1. VVDI XK Ranges


  • Wired universal remote, no risk in programming
  • Cloneable for some old model car
  • Reprogrammable

*Garage Remote


  • Cloneable for garage remote
  • Compatible with dozens of garage door brands
  • More than pretty, easy to use


2. VVDI XN Ranges


  • Built-in cloneable transponder
  • Support simulation of multiple immobilizer transponders including 11/12/13/7936/ 7937/7947XTT/7946 etc.
  • Original NXP immobilizer transponder
  • Wireless programming; Reprogrammable


3. VVDI XE Ranges


  • Universal wireless remote with an embedded cloneable Super Transponder
  • Support generating various wireless remote types including 11/12/13/7935/7936/48/4C/4D/4E/8A/8C/8E etc.
  • Integrated design, ultra-stable and reliable
  • Wireless programming; Reprogrammable


4. VVDI XS Ranges


  • Support simulation of multiple immobilizer transponders including 46/47/48/49/4A/MQB etc
  • Generate and program prox key
  • Support a variety of car models
  • Wireless programming; Reprogrammable

*SW007 Smart Watch


  • A watch works as a car remote
  • Designed by Xhorse and manufactured by FIYTA with over 30 years of experience in mechanical watches
  • Support the same car models as XS series universal smart key
  • Durable buttons; long service life; 5ATM water-resistant

*King Card


  • One of a kind: card-shaped smart key with only 5mm thickness
  • Support the same car models as XS series universal smart key
  • Rounded design with compact feel
  • Sensitive button with long service life

XM Toyota Smart

  • Built-in XM38 or XM28 transponder
  • Support only Toyota smart key
  • Wireless programming; Reprogrammable
  • No need bonus points to generate
  • No reward points, please note this


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