Xhorse VVDI Smart Key FBS3 Instruction and FAQs

Xhorse VVDI Smart Key FBS3 is new arrival Benz smart key, it can support 315/433mhz,you can change frequency free via VVDI MB Tool software. Or remove resistor.Each vvdi smart key fbs3 is free with 200 bonus points,can exchange to 1 BGA token.

First let’s introduce the FBS3 smart key.

Now the MB keys we can match are divided into NEC smart keys, and BGA (FBS3) smart keys.

1.NEC smart key

The picture below shows that the NEC key circuit board and key shell. At present, such keys can only be matched with original keys of the same type.


2.VVDI Smart Key FBS3
Another type of smart key is the BGA smart key. The circuit board cannot be taken out separately.

The key of VVDI MB FBS3 is suitable for this type of smart key.


And we have the VVDI FBS3 Smart Key with Key Shell complete key bundle package

3.VVDI FBS3 key feature description

3.1.: Support BE instruction to write key file (not limited to VVDI-MB equipment)

VVDI smart key supports reading and writing of all devices with IR way to write data, including VVDI MB and other devices.

3.2.: Support infrared way writing without battery, no limit on the number of times.

You can read and write data without installing a battery, and can repeatedly erase and write. In other words, it can be reused, and you can repeatedly erase and write without special treatment and return to the factory.

3.3.: Before writing the key file and matching on the car, you need to put on the battery for one minute for the first time (this process will flash at intervals of 1 second).

After writing the key file data, you need to install the battery and wait for one minute to start the vehicle.

3.4.:You can use VVDI-MB software and remove the resistance (FRE) to change frequency (with resistance (default) 433 frequency, remove resistance is 315)


Or if you do not have vvdi mb tool,just remove the resistor


3.5.: Support VVDI-MB software upgrade key program, if it does not support the car model or function, can be solved by upgrading the software (similar to the xhorse remote keys)

There are many models of Mercedes-Benz chassis. At present, it supports W207 W204 W212 W164 W166 W221 chassis models. After upgrading more models in the future, there is no need to return to the factory. Just put the key in the VVDI MB infrared recognition hole and upgrade without disassembly.

3.6.: Support opening and closing window and door via IR.

Can support the use of this key to lift the glass. (Normally only the original key has this function)

3.7.: Support unlocking the main driving door and switching of all door buttons.

After long-pressing the lock and unlock key for 10 seconds, it can be switched from the unlocked state of the whole car to pressing the unlock key once only the main driver can open it. (Main driver protection function).

3.8.: Free with 200 points

200 Points can exchange one BGA Token in xhorse app.


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