Xhorse VVDI PROG+VVDI2 New Porsche Programming Guide

This article is a guide on how to do new Porsche programming by VVDI Devices.





Firstly, the immobilizer data is stored in BCM modules. (e.g. new Porsche Cayenne, Panamera)





For this type, the procedures are the same whether it’s Add Key or All Key Lost.


Step 1. Remove BCM

Remove the BCM module, which is behind the guard plate.



Step 2. Read D-Flash

Read and save D-Flash data by a programmer. (Here we use VVDI PROG Programmer)


During data reading, we should care:

1)The position of removed components (Solder back the diode in the right direction) and restoration of cut wires.

2)If BCM doesn’t work because of soldering, mostly the rely runs out abnormally and the car can’t start.

3)Select Backup Read to read data, and learn new keys via OBD.

If we want Write via Dump file, select Unlock Read, unlock to read&write and lock in the end, but risks may happen in Flash process.


Step 3. Prepare Dealer Key

Here we use Xhorse VVDI2.

On Porsche page, Select

Key Learn>>New Porsche Key>>Prepare Dealer Key>>BCM Mask (e.g. EEPROM [1N35H])

Load D-Flash file, select key position, and generate dealer key.



1)If we want Write via Dump, need to save the new file and write it back to BCM by programmers, and then we can start the car.

2)If we want Learn Key by VVDI2, then we don’t have to save the new file, just go to Step 4.


Step 4. Learn New Key

On VVDI2 Key Programmer, Select

Key Learn>>New Porsche Key>>Learn

Follow the instructions. (If all keys are lost, we need to step on brake and turn on&off the emergency light to establish connection with the car before we enter Learn page)


After Key Learn, remote and smart functions will work automatically, and all keys not around can’t start the car.



1)Keys of these models have frequencies of 315, 433, 434mhz

2)Unlock Read these BCMs could cause P-Flash data loss.


That’s how we program new Porsche using Xhorse Programmer.

Hope this could help!


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