Xhorse VVDI Prog and 35160DW Chip Using Tips

Use with 35160DW chip +VVDI Prog no special adapter is needed, only the adapter that comes with VVDI PROG can be used for erasing, and 35160dw chip can be used instead of 35808. And a chip must be replaced every time an instrument data is processed, and the original 35160 chip will no longer be used. Because the 35160 chip of the original car is not processed, even if there is a problem with the replaced chip, we can still use the original instrument chip to restore without risk.

Here we will introduce some notes when you use vvdi prog and 35160dw chips.


Before operation, you must use VVDI Prog to read all the data in the chip. If you save all the data of the original chip, even if the original chip is lost or damaged, you can use the VVDI 35160 chip to restore it.


Therefore, for BMW dashboard data processing, all data in the chip must be read. As long as there is a VVDI 35160 chip, a 35160wt adapter is not required.

Even if there is an error in the operation and the data cannot be written, the data can be written again after erasing with VVDI PROG. (This operation does not need 35160 adapter)


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