Xhorse VVDI MB Program W220 EZS All Keys Lost OK

New test: Xhorse VVDI MB is able to read the 1D69J EIS data get BENZ W220 EZS password to calculate.

Credit to @Richard Ruiz:

W220 EZS All Keys Lost Headache… So after 14 hours of reading and failing through OBD (Direct Connection) To get a Password, I was finally able to password calculate using VVDI MB. Micro (1D69J) did not have the Adapter to read MCU off circuit with Prog. I was about to throw the towel and say I couldn’t do but I persevere. Autel couldn’t do it, Password could not be read through IR using the 1-4 min method. Either way I succeeded making the key without soldering.
Chip is a 1D69J I have K-Line Can H Can L 3x 12V connection and ground. This EZS is problematic. The easiest way is just to desolder the chip and read it. But since I didn’t have the adapter for Prog I did it the only way I could. So it’s a success either way at the end of the day.
long story short. Read and Failed 641 times but with ever failure the progress moved up 1% each time. So I let the tool gather 100% of data and than I uploaded the cluster of information


Xhorse-VVDI-MB-Program-W220-EZS-All-Keys-Lost-1  Xhorse-VVDI-MB-Program-W220-EZS-All-Keys-Lost-3 Xhorse-VVDI-MB-Program-W220-EZS-All-Keys-Lost-4 Xhorse-VVDI-MB-Program-W220-EZS-All-Keys-Lost-5 Xhorse-VVDI-MB-Program-W220-EZS-All-Keys-Lost-6 Xhorse-VVDI-MB-Program-W220-EZS-All-Keys-Lost-7


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