Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Benz Key Programming Function List

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus performs the same key programming function for Mercedes Benz as VVDI MB Tool. Look at the following screenshots on what can work for Benz keys.



Turn on VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet, tap” Immo Programming” -> Benz -> Select from system, and have these options:

Read write key

EIS Tools

Prepare key file

Password Calculation

ESL Tools

Special Function

Engine/Gearbox/Gear in computer

Points System



Tap ” Password Calculation” and have these options:

Data acquisition, upload data, Query reseult, Query the Benz points, Read BE key password, read the lock password(IR).



Tap “Prepare Key File” and have these options: Prepare key file and Cancel Task



And then the “EIS Tools” option and its operation guide.


Key Tool Plus EIS Tool function description:

All series of locks FBS3 lock: W164, W164
2009-.W166,197,212,218.246.W169,209,211 ,W172,204,207,212
(old, with direction lock),W203,463,639(K),W202.208,21
0(K),W215,220(K),W230(K),W216.W221 ,W639 2009-,
1. Read the lock (EIS) data
(1) . Read the SSID, component number, VIN, key information, etc stored in the lock
(2) . Support OBD and infrared adapter 2 ways to read
(3) . The OBD mode supports to diagnose automatically the lock using CAN
(4) . Support infrared to read the password of old HC05, HC08 Motorola lock
2. Write the lock (EIS) data
(1) . Support to change lock, write lock data via OBD and infrared
(2) . The lock must be cleared before writing data.
(3) . The VIN needs to be written first before writing lock data.
(4) . After writing the lock data, the key can be activated by the corresponding key.


Gear in computer options: ECU, Gearbox, ISM.



Gear in computer – ECU functions: Read, renew, write VIN, personalization, activate.



Gear in computer – Gearbox functions: Read, renew, write VIN, personalization, advanced function.



Gear in computer – ISM functions: Read, renew, write VIN, personalization, activate.



And Special function overview:

Disable keys-FBS4, Tailgate control system, remote system, detect Mercedes-Benz power adapter.



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