Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key Preview and FAQs

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key English version release now! And we will share some concerned questions for smart proximity key.


1.Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key Specification:

Brand: Xhorse
Frequency: Not limited,any frequency is OK
Number of buttons: 3
Support models: mainstream brand smart card keys

2.How to open Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key

xhorse-universal-smart-proximity-key-detail-1 xhorse-universal-smart-proximity-key-open-1



Change Battery

xhorse-universal-smart-proximity-key-open2   xhorse-universal-smart-proximity-key-open4 xhorse-universal-smart-proximity-key-open5

3.Which can support work with Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key?

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key works with VVDI2,MINI Key Tool,VVDI Key Tool.

Afer use MINI Key Tool/VVDI Key Tool to generate,you need use VVDI2 or non xhorse tool to match.

4.Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key Support Car List

We post part of car list in our description.

And will release the specific car list later time.Thanks.

More Universal Smart Proximity Key Info we will keep updating,if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Susie.

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