Xhorse Solder-free Adapter for KTP/Mini Prog/VVDI PROG Review

Xhorse has a bunch of solder-free adapters for BMW CAS3/4, FRM, Porsche, Landrover, Volvo, and Hyundai KIA, shall we really need it? Better than soldering or not?


In this article, we’ll talk about the pros & cons of adapters and soldering.


Part 1. Soldering

As we know, soldering could be tough in some cases or for new ones, and absolutely more risks on it than with adapters.

Here we share some cases:

1)Break the PCB

You read a Landrover KVM by soldering, make key via dump and restore it to the car, and then you find the key can start car but no responses from remote. In this case, probably soldering breaks crystal oscillator.


2)Tough connection on some PCBs

To read a Porsche BCM without adapters, soldering could be really tough, especially the GND-C connection.


In rare cases, soldering could cause data loss. If VVDI PROG prompts “Partition information error, please select the partition size manually”, we recommend you to stop, or it would cause data loss.


3)Hard to confirm connection

If the device prompts you to confirm the chip and connect again, you have to check everything again.


(Prompt: confirm the chip and connect again)

Customer feedback: Every time I approach this work with special respect, it’s just wrong for soldering, it can ruin the whole. Somewhere solder it wrong, have to check everything again.


Part 2. Adapter

Of course, adapters can also have risks, and we also receive some feedback on this set of Xhorse Solder-free Adapters.


1)Some adapters included are useless

When it is just released, customers have to buy a whole set. Among them, few will use Hyundai KIA adapters, but now adapters can be bought separately. For BMW, even a single CAS3/3+ Adapter, CAS4/4+ Adapter, FRM Adapter is available.


2)Easy to ignore PCB cleaning

Before connecting adapters to PCB, users have to clean points on PCB to be connected. Customers may skip this step, and find that the connection fails.


3)Adapter pins are too weak

One Customer gave feedback that the pins on adapters are too weak and he breaks one pin of BMW CAS3 Adapter.



Risks are always there, and solder-free adapters are designed for reducing risks and simplifying the procedure. Now many hot adapters are sold separately, why not get one to make work easier when we have a budget?



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